Products already added to Shopify can be linked to the Amazon Seller account. Linking products to Amazon will not update product details such as title, description, images, product type, tags or URL. Linked products can later be synced to allow the Connectr app to update product prices and inventory. 

Steps to link existing products:

1. Log in to your Shopify store, select the product you want to link to Amazon and go to the product details page where you can edit product details.

2. Click the 'Connectr App' button found under 'More Actions...'.

3. Product Linking screen is displayed in the Connectr dashboard. Provide the SKU.

4. Hit 'Verify'.

5. Once the SKU is verified, click the 'Save & Connect' button.


  • Once the product is linked it will be visible inside the app dashboard.
  • Each product linked will consume one pull credit.

Instead of linking products 1-by-1 you can bulk link the products all at once. More info here.