You can use the advanced settings to configure FBA shipping speed based on the shipping rates selected by the shopper while placing the order on Shopify.

Amazon FBA provides 3 shipping speeds: Standard, Expedited, and Priority. By default, the Connectr app will ship with FBA using the shipping speed configured as the 'Default Shipping Speed' in Connectr FBA settings.

If you want to override this behavior and provide options to the shoppers to select a shipping speed then follow the steps below:

1. Create Shipping Rates in Shopify as per your requirements. More info here.

2. Say, you create 3 shipping rates named 'Budget Delivery', 'Optimized Speed', and 'Fast Shipping'.               


If Customer SelectsThen FBA Shipping Speed
Budget DeliveryStandard
Optimized SpeedExpedited
Fast ShippingPriority

3. Click on Advanced Settings link in FBA Settings page and setup the keywords for each FBA speed. The keywords should be part of the Shopify Shipping Rate name.

Now if the customer selects the shipping rate having the keyword 'Budget', while checking-out on Shopify, then the order will be shipped via Standard shipping speed on FBA. If the user selects Optimized Speed then it will ship with Expedited shipping and with Priotity shipping if the user selects Fast Shipping.

You can have more than 2 Shipping Rates in Shopify mapped to Shipping speeds on FBA using common keywords in the Shipping Rate name.