Connectr app updates the Shopify order with the tracking information from Amazon. Here is how it works:

1. Based on the Shopify order, the Connectr app creates an equivalent fulfillment order on Amazon FBA. At this point, Amazon FBA does not provide tracking information. The status of FBA is 'Order Created'.

2. Later the FBA order status changes to 'RECEIVED' and then to 'PENDING'. Still, Amazon does not generate tracking information.

3. Then the FBA order status changes to 'IN_TRANSIT' and Amazon makes tracking information available. We have seen the status change take a few minutes to up to 24 hours after the FBA order has been created.

4. Connectr app checks for change of status to 'IN_TRANSIT' every 12 hours. And only if it finds the tracking information available, it updates Shopify order. The customer will receive the email with tracking information based on your settings in Shopify.

5. If you do not want to wait for 12 hours, you can direct the app to check for tracking information anytime, by clicking the 'Update Tracking Status' button.