While the Connectr app can import all products -- FBM and FBA -- from the Amazon Seller Central account, you have multiple options to get the orders fulfilled.

Fulfilling orders for FBM products

Fulfilled By Merchant, popularly known as FBM, is when sellers list their products on Amazon and choose to ship products to each buyer by themselves. In other words, sellers are responsible for fulfilling their orders and do not rely on Amazon for the same. If an order for an FBM product is placed on your Shopify store, you are responsible for shipping it. 

Fulfilling orders for FBA products

FBA means Fulfilled by Amazon. With it, sellers store their products at Amazon’s fulfillment centers, so that whenever customers place their orders, Amazon picks those products from the fulfillment centers and have them packed, shipped, and delivered at a faster pace. If an order for an FBA product is placed on your Shopify store then you have the following options to get it shipped:

A. Ship it yourself

You can arrange to ship products manually using your preferred shipping partner.

B. Allow Amazon to ship it on your behalf

Use your inventory on Amazon's fulfillment centers to ship it directly to your customers on Shopify. This can be done via the following 3 methods:

1. Use Shopify's 'Fulfillment by Amazon' Service

Shopify has built-in integration with FBA. Once activated, your orders on Shopify will be automatically fulfilled using your inventory on Amazon fulfillment centers. For more information and activating this method follow the instructions provided here.


  • This service is only available for Amazon sellers in the United States and Canada.
  • You will have to configure the 'Inventory Location' of Push Settings in the Connectr dashboard to 'Amazon Marketplace Web'.
  • The inventory for FBA products on Shopify will be managed by Amazon. There have been multiple cases where the inventory has not been updated correctly. Shopify provides minimal support for queries and troubleshooting inventory relates issues. Connectr app cannot update inventory for such products because it gets overwritten by Amazon service. We do not recommend this method.

2. Use third-party apps to automate FBA shipping

You can install third-party apps available in the Shopify app store that automate the shipping of orders via FBA. Here are a few apps that help with FBA:

The apps work well; however, they can be expensive.

3. Activate 'Ship by FBA' in the Connectr app

Allow the Connectr app to fulfill orders on Shopify using your Amazon FBA account. More info here. The benefit of this method is that importing, syncing, and fulfilling of Amazon products is all under one app.