The Amazon affiliate program, also called "Amazon Associates" can be an easy way to earn new income linking out to products on Amazon. Simply sign up, receive immediate approval, and place Amazon affiliate links on your site. When someone makes an Amazon purchase via one of your links, you get the commission -- it's that simple. 

How does it work for merchants using the Connectr app?

1. Pull & push products from Amazon to your Shopify store.

2. Add a Button link to your Amazon listing using the Connectr app. More info here.

3. Signup for Amazon Associate program and add your Tracking ID in the Connectr dashboard.

4. If shoppers click on the button link on your Shopify store they will be redirected to your item on Amazon.

5. If they complete the purchase you get an affiliate commission from Amazon.

6. The commission you earn as an Amazon affiliate is in addition to the regular product income you get as Amazon seller for selling the same product.

7. The order gets fulfilled with your existing Amazon FBA/seller setup.

8. Not only that, you get commissions for every single item users to buy - not just the ones you promote and link out to. i.e you will make money every time someone clicks on one of your links and purchases anything from Amazon within 24 hours.


1. You get paid by Amazon Associate as per your settings in the account dashboard.

2. You keep 100% of your commissions. Because Connectr does not act as a "go-between" between you and Amazon, you keep everything your refer!

2. Amazon approval required - You must be approved by Amazon to be eligible for receiving payments.

3. Connectr does not monitor your site - Connectr does not track your links nor do we act as a redirect between your site and Amazon. We do not perform analytics on your click-throughs, monitor your traffic or analyze your target market. You get all the stats in Amazon Affiliate Dashboard.

Important - Read Disclaimers and other important guidelines here.