Connecting Amazon Seller Account is easy enough, but it involves a number of steps.

  • You need to find your Seller ID, MWS Access Token and save it Connectr dashboard

Step 1

Login to your Amazon seller central account -


Step 2

Go to the Settings > User Permissions page. 

Step 3

Under Third party developer and apps click on the Visit Manage Your Apps button.

Step 4

Click on the Authorize new developer button.



Step 5

  • Enter "Connectr App" for Developer's Name
  • Enter the Developer ID. You will get the Developer ID from your Connectr dashboard > Settings > Amazon > Select your region > Copy Developer ID.
  • Click Next      

Step 6

Accept the Amazon MWS License Agreement and click Next.


Step 7

You will get the Seller ID and MWS Auth Token. Save these in the Connectr dashboard > Settings > Amazon. 

8) Click Save and Connect. The app will verify the credentials and if everything is alright then you will see Connected sign.